Theory, Algorithms and Applications
NCPO7 17-21 December, 2007
National Institute for Applied Sciences- Rouen, France
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  1. Combinatorial Optimization, Session organized by Ridha Mahjoub (Université Paris-Dauphine, France).
  2. Combinatorial and Stochastic Optimization, Session organized by Abdel Lisser (Université Paris Sud, France).
  3. Combinatorial and Non-Convex Optimization for Image Analysis and Computer Vision, Mini-Symposium organized by Christoph Schnoerr (University Mannheim , Germany).
  4. DC programming and DCA, Mini-Symposium organized by LE THI Hoai An (Université Paul Verlaine, Metz , France).
  5. Deterministic Global Optimization based on Branch and Bound Algorithms, Session organized by Frédéric Messine (ENSEEIHT, France).
  6. Financial Optimization, Session organized by Berc Rustem & Nalan Gulpinar (Imperial College, UK).
  7. Global Nonconvex Quadratic Programming, Session organized by William Hager (University Florida ,USA).
  8. Image Quality Assement and Enhancement, Session organized by Azeddine Beghdadi (Université Paris 13, France).
  9. Integer Programming, Session organized by Gérard Plateau (Université Paris 13, France).
  10. Modelling in Banks, Insurance and Bourse, Session organized by Duc PHAM-HI (Ecole Centrale Electronique, Paris , France) .
  11. Metaheuristics for Network Security and Reliability, Session organized by Pascal Bouvry (University of Luxembourg).
  12. Network Design, Session organized by Bernard Fortz (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique) and Arnaud Knippel ( INSA-Rouen, France).
  13. Nonconvex and Discrete Optimization, Session organized by Jean B. Lasserre (LAAS, Toulouse, France).
  14. Nonconvex Programming in Telecommunication, Session organized Jérôme Galtier (FranceTelecom Orange, France ).
  15. Optimal Control and Related Techniques, Session organized by Joseph Frédéric Bonnans, (INRIA-Futurs et CMAP, France).
  16. Optimization in Data Mining, Mini-Symposium organized by LE THI Hoai An (Université Paul Verlaine, Metz , France).
  17. Optimization for Estimation and Filtering, Mini-Symposium organized by Tuan Duong Hoang (Uni. New South Wales, Australia).
  18. Optimization with PDEs, Session organized by Michael Ulbrich (University Muenchen, Germany).
  19. Optimization and Mathematical Economics, Session organized by Monique Florenzano (Université Paris 1, France).
  20. Operational Research and Numerical Optimization, Mini Symposium organized by Adnan Yassine (Université du Havre, France).
  21. Quasidifferentiability, Its Extensions and Applications, Mini-Symposium organized by V. Demyanov (University Saint Petersburg, Russia) and D. Pallaschke (University Karlsruhe, Germany).
  22. Reliability and Optimization in Structural Mechanic, Mini-Symposium organized by A. El Hami (INSA-Rouen , France).
  23. Revealed Preference, Generalized Monotonicity and MPEC, Session organized by Jean-Pierre Crouzeix (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand , France).
  24. Structured Optimization Problems and Methods, Mini-Symposium organized by José Mário Martínez (University Campina, Brazil).
  25. Transportation and Logistics, Session organized by Nguyen Viet Hung (Université Pierre Marie Curie-Paris 6)
Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global approaches,17-21 December, 2007,Rouen, France